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Parallel Lines

Our Journey

This collection and journey started with a favor.  When my brother was about 12, he asked for Magic the Gathering cards for his birthday in 1995.  My parents had only heard, like many parents of the day, that this game was associated with devil worship. I was asked to investigate and see if they should get the game for him.  I am from a family of 12 where I am the oldest and my brother and I have a 14-year gap between us with 6 siblings between us but he has always been the one I’ve been closest to so it was no surprise we enjoy a lot of the same things.  After looking into the game, I told my parents it was fine to get him the cards and I would get some as well, so he had someone to play with.  With that first starter deck of 4th edition cards, I was hooked. We always joked that there is something in the smell of opening a new pack that gets you hooked.  I began to go to the card store every payday and buy a box of starter decks or box of booster packs and with two of my brothers and a few friends we would play all weekend. When we open the packs, we would put together a set and then play with the rest of the cards.  Within months there were complete sets of 4th edition, Fallen Empires, Ice age, Chronicles, Homelands, and a very nearly complete of Mirage. Over the years life and circumstances.  I moved away in 2000 and our games fell apart.  For 6 years the collection sat in the garage collecting dust.  At this time, it was just a collection of cards and binder’s complete sets.  My son was born and one day cleaning the garage, when he was about 3-4 years old, he spotted the cards and was mesmerized and asked to take them inside.  For days he sorted and studied the cards.  Not able to read yet he picked cards he thought were cool looking and built a deck.  He was determined to learn how to play.  His first deck was more than 200 cards, but I was excited he was interested in the game.  His deck is much more in hand now and as he is now a young man, he has become quite competitive with his passion for artifact decks winning several tournaments.  Once he began to play passionately and my brother got married and his wife and daughter became interested in the game as well, we began to drive the 2-hour drive on a regular basis to visit and play again.  Over the years we continued to get together for weekend-long games and as life changed so did the dynamics of the games.  No longer my brothers and I, now it is us and our family’s.  Then in 2021 someone came into our life that knew nothing about Magic the Gathering but once I taught him, he picked it up very quickly and was hooked.  Since he supported my habit and joined it, I decided to marry him.  To say he encouraged my collection is an understatement.  He has found me deals, given gifts for the collection, and now collects himself.  So, the collection is a family passion.  Since the beginning we have completed the mirage set thanks to a Christmas gift from my brother, added thousands of cards to the collection, completed more than 80 sets, and expanded out from just cards and sealed packs to anything with the Magic the Gathering connection.  We love to talk about our collection with anyone and do on our YouTube channel but thought we would add a website to the outreach for sharing our collection.  Hope you enjoy.

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